Spirit Boosters Tea Is Ethically Sourced

Spirit Boosters Tea is committed to providing fellow tea lovers with the world’s most premium teas. And we strive to do so without exploiting the planet or the people who work so very hard to make our premium tea products available to the world. You can drink with confidence, knowing that your cup of tea was ethically sourced.

In a world possessed by greed and individualism, it’s nice to go back to the basics of life: love, peace and joy. Spirit Boosters Tea can take you to this place. With a simple cup of our tea, you connect with the planters and pickers of Sri Lanka who reside in the Uva region. You enjoy the bounty of their soil and atmosphere and the unique flavor that these elements infuse into each tealeaf. With each sip, you receive both calm and vitality that tea eagerly shares through its nutritious powers.

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Commitment to Quality
Commitment to Workers’ Rights
Commitment to Environment