LINO Large Latte Cup & Saucer


Quality is everything at Spirit Boosters, and that is why we offer this LINO cup and saucer set by notNeutral. We enjoy drinking our premium tea from such a thoughtfully-designed cup that is roomy enough for our tealeaves to fully unfurl within the pyramid teabags and to amply infuse with the hot filtered water. The wide mouth of the cup welcomes your nose to take in the comforting aroma of the tea. The base of the cup is thick and retains heat well, while the rim caresses your lips perfectly while you sip.

The LINO Cup and Saucer set is available as an individual set, two sets with gift box, and a set with the Spirit Boosters Tea tin of your choice.

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Each LINO latte cup set contains one teacup and one saucer.
Material: fine porcelain, dishwasher safe
Volume: 12oz
Size: cup 3” H x 6” W; saucer 6.25” Diameter

Additional information

Weight 26 oz
Dimensions 6.25 x 3 x 5 in


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