About Spirit Boosters Tea

Drinking premium tea is both fun and healthy. This is what Spirit Boosters Tea believes and shares with the world. Tea can be enjoyed on the go while racing to work or to the gym or while sitting on the front lawn under the pecan tree after a challenging day of meetings. Drinking premium tea is a lifestyle that can improve your wellbeing – body, soul, and mind.

Spirit Boosters Tea was born in 2015 in the Morningside neighborhood of Atlanta, GA. Atlanta is an Alpha World City, yet is known as the City in a Forest because of our beautiful tree canopy that provides us comforting shade during our long, hot summers. So being in a busy Southern City, we know both how to work hard and how to slow down and enjoy a cup of tea with family and friends.

Spirit Boosters Tea sells premium teas that were grown, handpicked, and packaged while being mindful of the environment and the lives of people who labor throughout the process. We are serious about quality and understand that that commitment must persist throughout every stage that contributes to the reality of our premium teas, including disposal. So please do not forget to reuse our pyramid tea sachets two times then recycle.

Now, go to your kitchen, remove a Spirit Boosters Tea pyramid sachet from the pantry and brew a perfect cup of hot tea (or even iced tea). Take that cup of wonder out beneath a beautiful shade tree and tea up your life! And you never know when you might see us around town doing the same.